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Designed and Manufactured in the USA

About Us

All of us parents can agree that keeping up with our growing children is not an easy task. Meyer created ObyRollz as a result of her second child, whom always had to wear pants larger than his age since the day he was born. She rolled up his pant legs, but the more mobile he became the pants would come undone and he would end up tripping. Meyer sought a solution that didn’t require the permanency of cutting or sewing since she wanted to use the pants as her son got taller or pass his clothing down to future children. After lots of trial and error, she came up with the solution: ObyRollz. They are fun, functional, and easy-to-use. The cuffs fit over each pant leg and, with a few simple folds, firmly secure them in place. They come in reversible, stylish patterns that both kids and parents love.

Flyby Kids clothing and accessories was started after ObyRollz due to the demand for matching accessories. All Flyby Kids products come in fun, stylish designs that children and parents adore. All Flyby Kids products are made with soft, breathable fabrics that are comfortable for children to wear, yet moisture-wicking (and absorbing for the dribs) with a soil release finish that parents appreciate. Meyer also enjoys creating solutions to help make these adolescent years a bit simpler for the kids and their parents. Flying and aviation is a way of life for the Meyer family and they have future plans to help children “Let Their Dreams Fly” with Flyby Kids product sales.

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